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Stellar Stories

The most effective tool we have to accurately illustrate our work is the success of our clients. To that end we are providing you with some case studies. The names and specifics have been withheld to protect the privacy of those involved. Still, this example is an actual recent scenario that our our affiliated Resource Group colleagues were presented with and planned for within the past year.

Case Study #1

Sound Planning for Future Generations

A Resource Group member was introduced to an owner of a very successful third generation business in the consumer staples industry. He currently ran the business with nine family members, all active in various aspects of the operation.

Looking down into the next generation, it was clear that there were few fourth generation family members interested in or capable of running the family business. It was determined that it was time to sell the business, as it had been growing steadily year after year. The client wanted to use this opportunity to endow his family and charitable legacies.

Working with him, a strategy was created whereby he sold a significant portion of his company, stock based, at the value in his shareholder's agreement (which represented fair market value and was permissible under the terms of the agreement) to an Intentionally Defective Dynasty Trust. The client received a note from the trust requiring payments back to him for nine years. Several years later, a major Fortune 1000 company purchased the business for fair market value.

As a result, a substantial pool of wealth was available for the current family members, the next generation, and for the family's foundation with no gift or estate taxes. Of course this example does not represent all clients or cases. The outcome of each individual case varies greatly depending on individual circumstances and environment at the time. While we do offer sophisticated levels of comprehensive planning, each case is handled in a unique manner taking into account the client's objectives and situation.


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