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Career Opportunities

We'd like you to explore the various types and tracks of professional opportunity that we currently have available throughout our member practices across the country. Our continued success depends on the individuals with whom we affiliate, and we'd welcome the opportunity to learn more about you, your skills and your applicable experience.

Current Opportunities

Our members currently have a number of open opportunities for qualified individuals to join their practices around the country. Please review the locations and descriptions of these positions to see if any of the available opportunities would align with your skill set and professional aspirations for the future.

We welcome all qualified submissions, and are an equal opportunity employer.

Career Path Options

Financial planning is a challenging and rewarding business. Still, it remains a business that requires proper training, mentorship and infrastructure. Much of what the financial services industry represents depends on the sustainability of the practices that make up its ranks. It also depends on the transfer of knowledge of today's professional advisors to their partners, successors and staff.

At The Resource Group (TRG) we are working diligently to further our profession and the practice of financial planning by creating viable, long term career paths for fellow advisors and our staff members at large. As a result of this ongoing commitment we have developed four tracks that qualifying candidates can follow to establish themselves in our industry, while simultaneously gaining valuable skills that they cannot acquire from a course of study or designation pursuit. We believe the most efficient way to learn the business is on the job, and under the advisement of a financial professional who possesses credibility among their clients and their peers. Our mentorship mentality impacts not only those we partner with and train, it impacts the clients we serve, and sets the stage for the next generation of qualified financial professionals to take the helm when the time and circumstance is appropriate.

Partner Track

If you are an established advisor who has been searching for the opportunity to scale your reach, expand your infrastructure and align with other professionals who demonstrate the same commitment to client service, business development and operational integrity, our Partner Track could be the ideal fit for you.

An ideal candidate for this program has at least five years of active financial services experience, during which time they have been originating new clients into their own practice. In addition to analyzing and implementing plan and product solutions for their client base, the right individual has also been actively pursuing opportunities to increase their personal knowledge and skills within the industry. The pursuit of educational advancement in the financial services profession traditionally includes studying for an advanced degree, or pursuit of professional designations.

Those who pursue our Partner Track are constantly seeking to implement tools and techniques to increase the impact and client experience they deliver to the market. These high achieving individuals operate at a top tier level of success, but are also pragmatic and have a desire to build something greater than a solo practice, they are looking to build and sustain a financial services business.

The Resource Group (TRG) has numerous established, affiliated members and practices across the country. As a result, we always have various Partner Track opportunities available.

You should be aware that the interview and vetting process is intense, and it can take weeks if not months to determine if your skills, expertise and commitment to the business are an appropriate fit for one of our TRG members both professionally and geographically.

If you are truly interested in learning more about our Partner Track program please submit your letter of interest, cover letter and any additional information that could be relevant. You can forward all items to Larry Phillips, TRG CEO at EOE. M/F. No phone calls please.

Successor Track

Just as some advisors seek the opportunity to become a partner in a larger practice, others are appropriately suited to work as sole practitioners. In these situations established advisors are actively seeking opportunities to buy in or purchase practices with an established client base, and a known brand or identity in a particular geography. Although there is no question that sole practitioners’ build their individual success through relationships and hard work, over time they establish extremely viable businesses that have tangible practice value that is transferrable.

The Resource Group has numerous financial advisors that regularly seek qualified successors who can buy into their practices, or purchase them outright when the time is appropriate for them to exit the business. These complex transactions require more than a willing buyer. An established financial advisor who pursues a succession strategy for their practice has to feel confident that the individual taking over their business will serve their clients with the same care and competency that they have provided throughout their years of operation. In addition, the level of sophistication and depth of knowledge the assuming successor must possess has to meet, if not exceed the current primary advisor’s skill set.

Typical successors to TRG practices have over ten years of professional experience in the industry. Each has demonstrated a track record of success in maintaining and growing their client base over the years. The ideal successor is committed to the power of planning.

The appropriate candidate is willing to undergo a complete and balanced vetting process. A successor has already done their own research on the financing options they are willing to entertain to affect a business transition and they are willing to openly share their position and preparedness with a potential seller when the appropriate individual arises.

By expressing interest in our Practice Successor Track you are in no way obligated to pursue a formal arrangement or agreement with a TRG advisor. Your expressed interest will simply make your information available to TRG advisors across the country that might be interested in succession as a business exit strategy.

If you would like to be included in the TRG National Successor Track Registry please provide a letter of intention identify the type, variety, size and location of practice your interested in. A copy of your personal resume and qualifications is also beneficial to the process along with your preferred contact phone number and e-mail address. Please send all this materials to Larry Phillips, CEO of The Resource Group at No phone calls please.

Practice Manager Track

A critical role in any productive and profitable financial planning business is the position of the Practice Manager. Yet, today there are few top performing practices that have embraced the necessity, nor found the proper combination of skills and abilities to successfully integrate this position into their business model.

TRG members believe strongly not only in the purpose, but in the function a competent and qualified Practice Manager plays in a high performing practice. To this end the membership has developed a Practice Manager Development program that allows qualified, non-advisor professionals to join their practices with the intention of evolving into the firm's Practice Manager. The amount of time it takes to evolve into the role depends on the experience and unique circumstance of the individual and practice involved. The average length from hire to formal promotion into the Practice Manager role typically ranges from one to three years.

The ideal candidate has at least five years of administrative, underwriting or client service experience in the financial services industry. They have a working knowledge of the financial planning industry as a basis for product solutions, and they typically hold their life and health licenses, as well as their Series 7 and 63 registrations. Most have had some level of managerial experience prior to pursuing the Practice Manager role. They hold a minimum of a bachelors degree in finance, business, marketing or a related discipline. Many are committed to the financial services industry, and although they are not interested in becoming an Advisor, enjoy the pace and urgency of a high performing business model.

If you fit this description, are looking to advance your career, and want to learn more about our amazing training and development program please send your cover letter of interest, your resume and at least three professional references to EOE. M/F. No phone calls please.

Business Development Track

If you love to prospect, build relationships and network, but you'd prefer to have someone else take it from there the Business Development Track might be the right fit for you. It is often said that when individuals pursue their own "unique abilities" than everyone wins, but too often in the financial services industry aspiring advisors are forced into situations where they have to balance the multitude of tasks necessary to keep productive, and their clients well served. Now there is a formal program where you can play to your prospecting strength. You become the key offensive strategist in a business that already has a playmaker, and is simply looking to proactively expand their reach into a target or focus area.

The ideal candidate will have a proven and substantiated track record of scheduling and holding prospect meetings at the level of twenty or more a week. In turn, the candidate will also already have a system, which they can articulate, to create and follow-up on prospect flow and opportunities. In addition, the right individual should have demonstrated affinity in particular target segments of the marketplace that would continue to be available to them in their new role as a Business Development Manager. Any individual pursuing this track of development needs to hold their life and health licenses, as well as their Series 7 and 63 registrations in the states in which they intend to pursue business.

If you are interested in learning more about our Business Development track please provide your letter of interest, cover letter and three professional references to EOE. M/F. No phone calls please.

Learn More About our Opportunities

Learn More About our Opportunities

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